1Which of the following best reflects you when it comes to sweating?
  • I don’t sweat that much, mostly just if I’m exercising (#blessed!)
  • Are you kidding me? Even the thought of taking a quiz has me sweating…
  • I fall somewhere in the middle – I apply deodorant daily for reassurance that I am fresh and prepared to take on the day
    2Which of the following best describes your ideal vacation setting?
  • Take me to the beach! I love to relax at the ocean with sand beneath my feet
  • I don’t care where it is… as long as the hotel has a spa where I can relax, I’m set
  • 5th Avenue in New York, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills… An ideal vacation has me shopping ‘till I drop
  • Give me nature, hiking, biking, zip-lining... I love to be active
  • 5-star dining, please! I am a foodie and love experiencing the best restaurants around
    3Which of the following best describes how you’d like to spend a weekend night with friends?
  • You’ll find us in the clubs, dancing the night away
  • Entertain us – a movie or Broadway production is where it’s at
  • Sipping on wine at a cozy wine bar with great conversation and laughs
  • Cozying up on the couch at home (with a good movie and popcorn!)
  • Nothing is more exciting than attending our favorite team’s big game
    4What do you prioritize most when it comes to your deodorant?
  • A great scent does it for me, protection is a second priority
  • An invisible application
  • I don’t care about anything other than protection!